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Textdrip — The Story The Work, and The Team


Every fruitful collaboration that builds up to a great prolific partnership has its seed grounded in the story, the work, and the team behind it. The foundation for Pranshtech and Textdrip's relationship was laid much before the project’s initiation. Driven by passion and a strong will to innovate, the respective founders of Textdrip and Pranshtech had underlying chemistry while working on another project.

This chemistry helped consolidate and form a business partnership to develop and launch a successful business texting solution. However, as interesting as it may sound, none of the partners had ever dreamt of a future collaboration that turned into a multimillion-dollar project known as Textdrip.VISIT SITE

The Story — In Behind The Scenes

The behind the scene story of the Textdrip and Pranshtech collaboration dates back a few years even before the project was conceptualized. Here’s how it goes,

Mr. Dhaval Gajjar (Founder of Pranshtech) had been working as a freelancer and was offered some projects by the would-be owner of Textdrip back in 2016-17. Even though both founders were in completely different industries and had no entrepreneurial mindset, they quickly realized they had a lot in common.

None of them had an idea of creating such a marvelous project, but they had a good understanding, mutual respect, and a hunch of each other’s professional capabilities. This helped pave the way for their future collaboration, which consequently, helped form Textdrip. The, then, client made up his mind almost 2 years in advance to go with Pranshtech for bringing his dream project to life, thereby strengthening their bonds further.

The Work — The Breaking Moment

Inspired to achieve and taste success, the joint venture between Pranshtech and Textdrip was influenced by their past professional journey together. They focused on leveraging modern technology to create tailor-made business texting solutions that help businesses grow.

Dhaval took command of the project and worked to his heart’s content to build and present the first MVP and its 3 subsequent versions. His commendable job on architectural patterns was convincing enough for Textdrip's owner to select Pranshtech as their development partner.

Challenges Enroute

The Pranshtech team had to wade through several challenges initially that were crucial for Textdrip’s mass adoption and success. Overcoming the following challenges was critical yet achievable for Pranshtech:

  • Creating a flexible yet simple architecture for Textdrip was the biggest challenge to overcome. It was a prerequisite of the client to have smooth customer support handled with the utmost care by high-speed and efficient servers.
  • Now that the project is well-recognized and used by thousands of customers, which is growing and expanding, it poses a challenge to provide seamless support round-the-clock.

The Pranshtech and Textdrip teams are working in sync to overcome such hurdles and are building up resources to cope with the server load requirements to provide uninterrupted and top-notch support.

The Team — The Focus On The Future

Pranshtech began working on the Textdrip project with 4 trusted team members that included a graphic designer, a backend developer, a front-end developer, and a QA. Apart from that, the Chief Technical Officer, who also serves as the core architect, participated fairly in the development process and was a guiding angel for our small team.

The preference to work with a small and manageable team was because each member can have a sense of ownership of the project and work with responsibility to deliver tasks on time.

However, over the years, our team has grown to employ several developers, programmers, QAs, and others to strengthen the project further. Founded with the ambition to invent and innovate neoteric solutions, Pranshtech has grown into a full-fledged product development service provider.

The team is aware of the solid client base of Textdrip and is clear on the agenda to handle and mitigate the pressing bottlenecks thrown their way while scaling up. Additionally, we’ve realized that to build a truly futuristic product, it’s crucial to adopt a dynamic and scalable Tech Stack. And to support this vision, we’ve decided to use PHP/Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and others in the mix.


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