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Dynasty Solar — Streamlined Tracking Distributions of Solar Projects and Commissions


Dynasty Solar — a leading renewable energy and solar panel installation company — collaborated with Pranshtech to develop a portal that streamlines the management of solar panel installation projects. They wanted an efficient system that effectively tracks and distributes the commissions earned through panel installation jobs to regional VPs, directors, senior advisors, agents, and others.

The primary goal of Dynasty Solar through the portal was to improve transparency, accuracy, and manage commissions in the hierarchy which leads to better relationships with their partners. Pranshtech’s role here was to help the company achieve its primary objective and enhance its business operations. Our team first sought clarity about their requirements and prepared a roadmap to commence the prototyping and wireframing for the project.VISIT SITE

Background About Dynasty Solar

Here’s a little background about the company:

Dynasty Solar is known for its expertise in renewable energy projects such as solar panel installation. They are on a mission to achieve and build a planet that runs on the energy of the sun. The company strives to provide the most reliable solar systems that are high in quality and efficiency that too at fair prices. The only thing missing was a system that helps them manage and reward their hardworking solar professionals.

Challenges Enroute

Dynasty Solar had established a system where ground-level agents join the team of senior advisors and directors and earn high commissions for successful panel installation jobs. However, the only thing was that they didn’t have a centralized system to manage their reward and incentive program. They needed a system where agents can enter project information and other details and earn commissions based on the total project cost.

Similarly, they needed a system that automatically calculates and assigns commissions for the same project to other members in the hierarchy. To overcome these challenges and develop an efficient system, they needed an expert team of developers with the necessary skills and experience. They soon reached out to the team of Pranshtech to help them eliminate business operation bottlenecks and streamline the whole process.

Solution — The Focus On The User-Friendliness

Pranshtech team worked closely with Dynasty Solar’s stakeholders to understand their requirements and pain points. Once we gained clarity, we formed a roadmap to commence the development process of a system capable of tracking, managing, and distributing rewards and commissions.

Our focus was to design an intuitive and user-friendly portal for Dynasty Solar’s partners to easily navigate, perform tasks, and access information pertaining to their projects and commissions. To achieve such a feat, we used a PHP-based Laravel framework for backend development. In addition to that, we used a Metronic theme along with JavaScript and jQuery to design the interactive frontend.

The resulting platform helped Dynasty Solar to improve efficiency and accuracy for commission calculation and distribution with minimized errors. Also, seeing the user-friendliness of the system, many people joined their team and helped them grow their renewable energy business while earning good commissions.


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